Celebrating 16 Years of Landhaus Wines

It has been a long journey since we did our first vintage in 2004 making our Landhaus Shiraz, 270 dozen from our Landhaus Block, which when released sold out in 3 months. Now 16 years later, 29 wines in our portfolio with production up to 15000 dozen, we have enjoyed our growth and journey. Some people reading this letter have been part of Landhaus since 2004. Many of you would have been there from the beginning of our wine shows, and 15 years later still serving you, your family and friends. Friendships were formed and many of you are now family friends.

As the membership grew we worked tirelessly to build a high quality wine business, something we are very proud of. "Driven by Desire" to make the best wines that we can without ever compromising our high standards.

The last nine months have been the most challenging in Landhaus history. We have had to deal with bushfires, drought and COVID-19. Your support over the last 3 months has been remarkable. I am confident we will get through the worst of times because we still have you. 

We would like to celebrate our birthday by offering some wines at prices that will never be repeated. It is our way of saying a heartfelt 'thank you' for your loyalty and ongoing support. We are looking forward to catching up next year and having a drink, or two.

John Jaunutis  

  16th Birthday Celebration with the Royal Adelaide Show

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